Social Media Marketing

Hong Kong has over 2 million people using different kinds of social media every month, hence social media marketing became a very important part of digital marketing. Meta, including Facebook and Instagram, are the most used social media platform.

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Why you need Social Media Ads

Facebook ads have become more and more important after many changes to the algorithm. Facebook is becoming more and more difficult for a brand page to rely only on Organic Reach to reach new customers, while the coverage of Facebook ads has become higher. How to highlight your brand among many advertisements and how to accurately reach the right users to deepen their impression has become an important part of digital marketing.

Instagram advertising also faces the same problem, in the context of the era of fast food culture, many tendencies to share in the limited-time IG Stories, advertising in the limited-time dynamic can effectively deepen the brand impression, generally speaking, when a person sees the same ad 7 times, it can effectively leave an impression on your business, and Instagram advertising with re-profit sales can effectively display the advertisement to potential customers.

Social Media Ads



Facebook ads

Facebook Ads becoming more and more important, each month there’re over 2million active users in Hong Kong. Facebook Marketing is best for directing your brand to the main consumer groups.

Instagram ads

Instagram Adsmainly focuses on younger users. Using eye-catching images and simple words is the key. Instagram is the best choice if you want to promote to youngsters and make your brand younger.

Image Marketing

Easy to remember

Image is easier to catch human's attention, a nicely designed image can help your brand deliver the message effectively.


Adding words to images can emphasize the highlights of your brand.

Deepen Impression

A clean design can impress your client easily.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation will make your work easier. ITOB Group will set up marketing automation bots for you, which can let you focus on selling and improving the service quality.

Why ITOB Group is your best choice

ITOB Group is a team of SEO, Digital Marketing Experts, UI, and UX experts. We will help you find the best solutions for your website, Facebook pages, and Instagram profile. Bringing your company branding image to the next level.

We will do marketing research and analysis before optimizing your digital assets and ads, making the best of your ads expense. We will provide monthly performance reports, to make sure you understand the performance.

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